Shakespeare’s women

If Shakespeare knew then what we know now, imagine the roles he would have written for his women...

“Shakespeare’s Women” takes us on a journey through the eyes of the most incisive female characters in Shakespeare’s plays. In this production, Shakespeare talks of his women and their dramas – their stories that are still so relevant to the women of today. And his women express themselves, confiding in us and each other in search of their role and identity.

Nicolette van T’hek
as Catherine of Aragon

Monia Giovannangeli
as Ophelia

Adda Van Zanden
as Titania

Alexandra Maitland Hume
as Lady Macbeth

Deborah Eckman
as Joan of Arc


Written by
Monia Giovannangeli
after the worksof William Shakespeare

Directed by
Eric Loren


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